de Strandvogel, Luxe vakantiehuis in Julianadorp aan Zee


Rental Conditions

Smoking inside the bungalow is not allowed.

Pets are not allowed in the bungalow.

Without consent of the owner, it is not allowed to place campers, tents or other camping equipment in the driveway, the front- or the backyard.

Fire place
It is only allowed to use the specific fire blocks in the fire place.

Rental period
The rental period is always for a specified period of time.

Rental agreement
Rental agreements are always drawn up in writing.

Changing day
Saturday is changing day (exceptions are sometimes possible).

The bungalow is ready for you at the day of arrival from 15.00 o’clock.

The caution must be paid cash upon arrival. The caution will be refunded at departure, after having settled the possible costs for extra use of energy and water and any damages.

At the day of departure, you must leave the bungalow at 10.00 o’clock at the latest.

It is possible to have an option on the luxurious bungalow for a period of time, after consultation with the owners.

After having made a reservation for the luxurious bungalow, renter will receive an invoice for the payment of the complete rental sum. Payment must be done within the set terms, to our bank account. The payment will be confirmed by e-mail, therefore making the reservation definite. By paying the rental sum, renter accepts our rental conditions. If the (down)payment is note done in time, the reservation will be cancelled.

Terms of payment
The term of payment is maximum 8 days, but can also never be longer than the number of days in between the date of reservation and the starting date of the rental period.

Payments can be done to our account at the Rabobank, number, mentioning your invoice number.

In case of cancellation, we will charge you the total rental sum. When the bungalow can be rented to another party in the same period by us, the rental sum for the days that have been re-rented will be refunded, with deduction of the administration costs.

Administration costs
The administration costs in case of cancellation are 100 EURO.

The luxurious bungalow is managed by a team of Guests of will be welcomed and informed upon arrival in the rented bungalow. Our team is at your service to answer your questions regarding the bungalow.

Minimum stay
There is no minimum stay.

Damage to the bungalow and/or inventory
In case of any damage to the bungalow and/or the inventory of the bungalow, caused by renter and/or his/her company/party, this will be charged. All and/or any damages must always directly be reported to the manager, but definitely must be reported before departure. The costs will be settled with the caution. Small damages will not be charged, but only if they have been reported immediately. We kindly, but urgently, ask the renter to report any and/or all flaws and defects, either caused by renter or not, directly to the manager.

There is a pond in the garden of the luxurious bungalow. In order to avoid small children to fall in, they need be kept at a safe distance of the pond at all times. Small children, your own or visiting children, are not allowed to play in the garden without adult supervision. The safety of the renter and al his/her co-renters and guests is always the responsibility of the renter. Letter does not accept any responsibility whatsoever.

Maintenance and reparations in, at or around the bungalow will be executed when there are no renters. However, letter has the right to execute such activities during the time the bungalow is rented, in specific circumstances. This will be communicated with renter as much as possible.

Letter has the right to check the entire condition of the accommodation during a long term rental period, unannounced. If letter finds that the rented is being abused, or is used unrightfully, he can decide to terminate the rental agreement, followed by the renter being expelled and, if necessary, reclaiming any costs from renter.

The use of the rented is only allowed for the registered renter as well as for the registered co-renters, mentioned in the rental agreement.

Cleaning costs
The cleaning costs are 75 EURO per rental period, and must be paid in cash upon arrival. This amount is based on a normal use of the rented during one week. When extra cleaning costs can be reprimanded, the extra costs will be charged to renter.